森 亜紀子

ベーシックなもの、ユーモアのあるものが好き。潔くないものは嫌い。最近、「循環」について良く考えます。手に入れた時の私には必要だったけれど、今の私の下では輝けていないものたち。でも、それってものが変わったわけじゃない。誰かのものになったら、また輝けたりするんだよなぁ。生き直し?みたいで、私がものだったら嬉しい。PASS THE BATON!今度はすり切れるまで使ってもらえる?はたまた再び誰かの下へ?人生ならぬ「物生」を全うしてくれたらいいなぁ。

I like basics and things that have a sense of humor. I don't like graceless things. Recently, I am thinking a lot about circulation. I needed it when I bought it, but now they are things that cannot shine under me. But it is not as if the things themselves have changed. As whose items would they shine, I wonder. If I were a 'thing' I would be pleased to re-live or something. PASS THE BATON! Next, will it be used till it is worn through? Or will it just be 'under' someone? It would be great if they could fulfill their duty as the raw materials of an extraordinary life.
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