佐々木 ゆう子


1997年9月10日、「恋はC‘est si bon」でメジャーデビューを果たす。
4thのシングル「PURE SNOW」からはサウンドプロデューサーに木根尚登氏を迎え、ボーカリストだけでなく、更にアーティスティックに展開。その後も順調にリリースを重ね、シングル6枚・アルバム2枚を発表。

2001年にニューヨーク在住のシンガー yurippeと共に女性ヴォーカルユニット「Plum Planets(プラムプラネッツ)」を結成。同年5月23日「FEMINITY」をインディーズ仕様でリリース。
洋楽ロックフレーバーの強い質感でラジオ局のチャートを賑わせ、オリコンインディーズランキングにランクインする。2001年10月31日、「MIDNIGHT COWGIRL」でついにメジャーデビュー。


Taken along by a friend to an audition for a TV program, she caught the eye of the audience and soon her life's progression toward that of a recording artist occured simultaneously with the sudden strong realization she wanted to become a singer.

Debuted on a major label with 1997's "Koi C‘est si bon". Working with sound producer Naoto Kine, made her first foray as not just a vocalist, but also into artistic creation with her 4th single, "Pure Snow."
Formed the dual female vocal group Plum Planets with NY based singer yurippe in 2001, releasing "FEMINITY" in May of that same year on the indie circuit. It's strong western rock flavor propelled it towards the charts, including Oricon Indies. On Halloween, 2001, released "Midnight Cowgirl" on a major label, and released four more singles, an album and played to many an audience before going on hiatus.

Returned to music after a three year break in 2006 and in 2009 started performing live acoustically.
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