Lina Riddarstrom Akerlund

My name is Lina Riddarstrom Akerlund and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
During the days I'm a Gallery Manager at a Swedish Contemporary art gallery called Milliken Gallery, the evenings I spend as a Project Manager for a street wear trade fair, Boutique Frash Show, that takes place during Stockholm Fashion Week.
When I was 19 I moved to London and studied Interior Design, worked at Conran Design Group and Circus Communication, after six years I missed my family and decided to move back to Sweden.

I believe that recycling is one of the most important factors today if we want to continue to consume as much as we do, Pass The Baton is a fantastic contribution to a more environmental friendly society and it is so much fun to have a story behind everything you buy.

19歳の時にインテリアデザインを学ぶためにロンドンへ。その後はConran Design Group や Circus Communicationで働くが、6年後には家族が恋しくなって再びストックホルムへ。
現在は、日中はMilliken Galleryと呼ばれるスウェーデン現代芸術ギャラリーのマネージャーを務め、夜はストックホルムのファッションウィークの時期にはBoutique Frash Showというストリートウェア見本市のプロジェクトマネージャーを担当。

PASS THE BATONは環境に優しい社会への素晴らしい貢献のあり方であり、商品それぞれにストーリーの楽しさがあります。

Lina Riddarstrom Akerlund さんの出品
SOLD ¥6,172
EXHIBITOR Lina Riddarstrom Akerlund
SOLD ¥6,172
EXHIBITOR Lina Riddarstrom Akerlund